Red Ribbon Campaign

The Bulloch Alcohol and Drug Council is a proud supporter of the Governor’s Red Ribbon Campaign that is held each October throughout the United States.

We promote Red Ribbon Week within local schools and businesses, encouraging members of the community to help create awareness of abuse problems and to celebrate drug free living.

About the Campaign

The Red Ribbon Campaign is an annual public awareness campaign in the United States that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and promote drug prevention efforts.

The campaign is symbolized by wearing a red ribbon as a visible sign of support for drug prevention and education. During Red Ribbon Week, which takes place from October 23rd to 31st each year, schools, communities, and organizations participate in various activities and events to promote drug-free lifestyles and encourage young people to make positive choices.

The Red Ribbon Campaign serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of drug prevention and the need to support individuals, families, and communities in the fight against drug abuse. It continues to be an essential initiative in raising awareness and inspiring action to create a drug-free future.

Learn More

Red Ribbon Website

Visit the official website for the Red Ribbon Campaign! Learn more about the campaign, browse activities, get connected with resources, download engagement materials, sign the drug-free pledge and more!

Red Ribbon Week: Video Playlists

The Natural High website features a collection of short video playlists for a variety of uses, including Red Ribbon Week materials and engaging storytellers, designed to help facilitate meaningful conversations about drug prevention and making healthy life choices.

Activities for Students

This list of activities for students provides a range of fun ideas for students to participate in Red Ribbon Week and get involved, such as contests, rallies, student clubs, celebration days and more!

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