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Our Mission

To provide information and education regarding the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on youth, as well as, provide referrals to treatment for those families adversely affected.

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Phone: (912) 764-6405
Address: 419 Fair Rd. | PO Box 694 | Statesboro, GA | 30459

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Our programs are proven to...

Our programs are proven to increase community awareness and knowledge of current substance use issues and to change behaviors and attitudes that ultimately reduce youth substance use.

Drug Free Communities

Reduce substance use among youth and, over time, reduce substance abuse among adults by addressing the factors in a community that increase the risk.
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PRIME for Life

An evidence-based alcohol and drug education program designed to challenge common beliefs and attitudes that contribute to high-risk substance use.
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Aims to reduce the age of onset alcohol use among Bulloch County youth through Alcohol Compliance Checks and TiPS training for local businesses, and the ALL STARS program, which reduces access to alcohol and youth binge drinking.
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Student Intervention Classes

The Bulloch Alcohol and Drug Council provides intervention classes for students who have violated Board of Education alcohol/drug policies and for young people from the court system who are on probation with Juvenile Justice for similar offenses.
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Bulloch Game Changers

Bulloch Game Changers are Youth Action Teams designed to reach youth through peer educators. As…

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Bulloch Parent Network

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Parent Resources

Talking with a child about the dangers of substance use and showing disapproval of such behavior are key to shaping children’s attitudes and behaviors. Check out these resources to help keep your child on the right path.

Youth Resources

Substance use for young people is linked to negative outcomes like unwanted pregnancy, incarceration and legal problems, health issues, and abusive relationships. Check out these resources to help get you started.

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