Polysubstance Use Prevention Summit

Learn more about the Bulloch Alcohol and Drug Council’s 2nd annual virtual Polysubstance Use Prevention Summit and browse resources highlighted in the summit.

About the Campaign

The Bulloch Alcohol and Drug Council in Statesboro, GA, has held its 2nd annual virtual Polysubstance Use Prevention Summit, addressing prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery. Experts shared insights on local-level strategies, with the event supported by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health, SAMHSA, and the Bulloch County Alcohol & Drug Council. Polysubstance use, defined as the concurrent use of multiple drugs, was highlighted as particularly dangerous, with over 50% of overdose deaths involving multiple substances.

The summit stressed personalized approaches to tackling addiction and mental health issues and encouraged attendees to choose from two tracks: Prevention or Treatment/Recovery. The stark reality of 250+ daily drug-related deaths in the US and the risks of combining drugs underscored the urgency of the discussions.

BADC urges you to take time to watch the Polysubstance Use Summit and share this page.


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