BADC Classes

Our classes are proven to challenge participants current beliefs around substance use. The drug education and intervention classes examine choices and potential consequences. The alcohol seller/server class equips employees with the proper skills to refuse alcohol sales to minors.

PRIME For Life

BADC is a proud provider of PRIME For Life, an evidence-based alcohol and drug education program designed to challenge common beliefs and attitudes that contribute to high-risk substance use.

Student Intervention Classes

The Bulloch Alcohol and Drug Council offers intervention classes for students in violation of Board of Education alcohol/drug policies and young individuals from the court system on probation with Juvenile Justice for similar offenses.

TIPS Training

Bulloch Alcohol & Drug Council provides TIPS training for local business owners and their employees in Bulloch County to educate business employees on responsible service and sale of alcohol.

Keep Exploring


By increasing community awareness and knowledge, our programs are proven to reduce youth substance use.


We provide a wide range of community services including scholarships, funding, drug & alcohol evaluations and training.


Our campaigns strive to increase community awareness of the dangers of underage drinking and drug use.

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