July 2, 2018

Juulers Against Juul

November 10, 2016

Positive Factors to Help Teens Stay Drug Free

Posted on December 10, 2013 by michaelkjohnson One helpful tool for preventing teens from trying alcohol and drugs is called the “Risk and Protective Factor” theory.  There are many factors that have been statistically proven to contribute or lead to teen drug use.  By identifying some of these risk factors, we hope you can make positive changes in the lives of teens to help prevent drug and alcohol use and abuse.  For the purpose of this article the word “drug” will refer to any illegal drug, alcohol, or prescription drug that is used improperly. It is often helpful to think of this model like assessing risk factors for a medical problem like heart disease.  There are some things that we know put you at high risk for developing heart disease like poor diet and little exercise.  Knowing that you have those risk factors can help you to make positive changes to avoid developing the disease. Studies show that teens are more likely to use and abuse drugs if: There is a high availability and easy access for the teen The […]
October 27, 2016

Bulloch County Teen Maze

Bulloch County Alcohol & Drug Council sponsored the 7th Annual Teen Maze on October 24-26, 2016. The event was opened up to community members on Monday night at 6pm. Historically, the maze has been completed by 10th graders. This year, the maze was targeting 8th graders. Given recent youth focus groups, student health survey results, and input from the Middle School counselors, it was determined that youth need to hear this information at an earlier age. Over 800 students participated over the two day event. Community volunteers are the glue that holds this event together. Professionals from various sectors of the community, university students, parents, and students from the local STEAM Academy donated their time to make this successful. WTOC was on hand Wednesday to cover the event. http://www.wtoc.com/story/33489626/bulloch-co-alcohol-drug-council-host-7th-annual-teen-maze Note: If link does not allow you to click on it, highlight it and then click “go to…”
September 21, 2016

The Importance of Compliance with Alcohol Regulations

The Importance of Compliance with Alcohol Regulations    By Pamela Erickson   Recently, a national liquor store chain, Total Wine and More, decided to ignore Connecticut’s minimum price law. They set prices on several items below the required minimum and advertised the new practice. Shortly thereafter, another liquor store announced they would follow suit. Faced with blatant defiance of state law, an investigation was launched and a settlement reached. Total Wine agreed to pay the state $37,500 and cease advertising and selling below the state minimum.   This incident raises two issues: the importance of law compliance and the public health rationale for pricing measures.   It should be clear that individual companies cannot pick and choose the laws they want to follow. Should that occur, our system of liquor control would be weakened and law defiance could become widespread. This situation appeared to be moving in that direction when the second company quickly followed to defy the price law.   This problem was anticipated at the time our regulatory systems were developed. In a major study, called Toward Liquor […]
September 13, 2016

Alcohol Use and Suicide Risk

Facts About Alcohol & Suicide What’s the problem? Alcohol is involved over a quarter of all suicides in the US (approximately 7500 per year). Suicide is 120 times more prevalent among adult alcoholics than in the general population. Alcohol abusers have higher rates of both attempted and completed suicide than non-abusers. More than one-third of suicide victims used alcohol just prior to death. How is alcohol use related to suicidal risk? Alcohol increases impulsivity and decreases inhibition. It increases negative self-image and decreases self-esteem; deepens depression and social isolation; and rises with the amount and length of time alcohol is consumed. Alcohol use fosters either/or and all or nothing thinking, and a lower concern for the future consequences of one’s actions. Many suicide attempts occur during binge drinking. Among those who are alcohol dependent, 18% complete suicide. Alcohol plays a major role in suicides among elders and veterans. In suicides associated with alcohol misuse men account for 80% of the victims, women for 20%. Alcohol use is also often a factor in suicidal behavior among male teens. What are the […]
July 2, 2016

E-Cigarettes: All the Rage – But Are They Risky?

Chances are you’ve seen people “smoking” e-cigarettes – inhaling from cigarette-shaped devices, then puffing out clouds of odorless fog. E-cigs have been on the market for about a decade and are surging in popularity, especially among youth. A typical battery-operated e-cig contains a cartridge of e-cig liquid, or “juice,” which usually contains nicotine and the chemical propylene glycol. They come in an array of flavors including cola and watermelon, which some say are meant to attract younger users. When used, the battery powers an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge for the user to inhale. The Food and Drug Administration has proposed regulating e-cigs more tightly, but some politicians and many in the industry oppose the plan. After all, it is a $2.8 billion market in the U.S. Juice from e-cigs has different amounts of the addictive stimulant nicotine, from 0 to about 72 milligrams per milliliter of liquid. A traditional cigarette has 10-15 mg. When the chemical propylene glycol is heated, it can degrade into formaldehyde, a chemical linked to nose and eye irritation, and an increased […]
June 27, 2016

Statesboro Alcohol Ordinance Takes Effect July 1, 2016

Statesboro City Council voted to approve changes to the local alcohol ordinance on March 15, 2016. There are new changes that will take effect July 1, 2016. Retailers who hold an on premise alcohol license are required to have staff trained in a responsible alcohol sales program. On premise sales is when a person consumes alcohol at the place of purchase (i.e., restaurant). Businesses will have until December 31, 2016 to have current staff trained. After January 1, 2017, new employees must complete training within thirty (30) days of hire. TiPS training has been pre-approved by City Council as an appropriate training program. Bulloch Co Alcohol & Drug Council offers TiPS training AT NO COST. Master Deputy, Jeff Thompson, Bulloch Co Sheriff’s Office, serves as the TiPS instructor. Jeff earned certification in 2014 and has trained almost 800 participants in Statesboro and Bulloch County. For more information on the changes to the Statesboro Alcohol Ordinance, copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://www.statesboroga.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2016-03-Ordinance-Alcohol-Chapter-6.pdf Please Note: If you hold an alcohol license through Bulloch County, the county ordinance requires BOTH on […]
May 8, 2014

What is Michael’s Law?

Michael’s Law will establish a minimum insurance requirement, at the State level, in order for businesses to obtain an alcohol license.
May 7, 2014

House Bill 152 passed on March 13, 2015!

The minimum age required to serve alcohol is increased from 18 years to 21 years of age.